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In this piece, we’re going to look at what ‘Best Friend’ by Rex Orange County is all about. Since its release in 2017, this track has struck a chord with many, especially those in Generation Z. It talks about the pain of loving someone who sees you only as a friend and the yearning to turn that friendship into romance. The number of views on YouTube has soared past 100 million, and the feedback is generally positive. The song stands out because of its straightforward lyrics and Rex Orange County’s unique voice, both of which draw the listener in. The theme of one-sided love and the well-known ‘friend zone’ is a central point of ‘Best Friend’, offering a raw and honest view that many people can see themselves in.

Despite the risk of a broken heart, the willingness to explore those feelings makes the song incredibly genuine.

Rex Orange County’s Romantic Longing

Rex Orange County’s intense longing for a romantic relationship is evident in his heartfelt lyrics of ‘Best Friend’. Throughout the song, he expresses his desire to be more than just friends with someone he considers his best friend.

The lyrics convey his belief that their relationship could have worked, despite the acknowledgment that it may not be meant to be. In the chorus, he reveals his willingness to break their heart in order to pursue a romantic connection.

The raw and honest emotions conveyed in the lyrics resonate with listeners, particularly those who have experienced unrequited love or being stuck in the friend zone. Rex Orange County’s vulnerability allows listeners to connect with their own similar experiences, making ‘Best Friend’ a relatable and emotionally charged track.

The Story of Rex and Thea

The story of Rex Orange County’s intense longing for a romantic relationship continues with a closer look at his relationship with Thea Morgan-Morrell. Rex and Thea were best friends before their romantic relationship, which ultimately ended in 2022. While they were together, Rex released the song "Best Friend" in 2017, expressing his desire to take their relationship to the next level. However, despite his belief that it could have worked, they eventually split up.

Relationship Rex Orange County and Thea Morgan-Morrell
Friendship They were best friends before becoming romantically involved
Romantic Relationship They dated during the making of Rex’s album
Breakup Their relationship ended in 2022

This personal experience of longing for a romantic relationship with a close friend likely influenced the heartfelt lyrics of "Best Friend." The song’s popularity and relatability among listeners can be attributed to Rex Orange County’s honest and vulnerable approach to expressing his emotions.

Popularity and Impact of the Song

The popularity of the song ‘Best Friend’ by Rex Orange County has had a significant impact on the music industry. Here are four reasons why this song has gained such popularity and made a lasting impact:

  1. Catchy and relatable lyrics: The honest and relatable lyrics of ‘Best Friend’ have struck a chord with Generation Z, who can identify with the themes of unrequited love and being stuck in the friend zone.
  2. Online proliferation: The song’s popularity has been boosted by its online presence, with over 100 million views on YouTube. It has become a favorite among social media users and music streamers.
  3. Rex Orange County’s straightforward approach: The artist’s straightforward and authentic delivery has resonated with listeners, who appreciate his vulnerability and ability to evoke emotions through his music.
  4. Infectious melody and production: The overall melody and production of ‘Best Friend’ contribute to its appeal. The catchy title, memorable phrases, and Rex Orange County’s vocal style make it an enjoyable and infectious track.

The Catchiness of "Best Friend

One key factor contributing to the catchiness of ‘Best Friend’ is its infectious melody and production.

The song opens with a catchy guitar riff that immediately grabs the listener’s attention. The upbeat tempo and bouncy rhythm create a sense of energy and playfulness that is hard to resist.

Additionally, Rex Orange County’s smooth and melodic vocals perfectly complement the instrumental arrangement, adding an extra layer of charm to the song.

The production of ‘Best Friend’ is also worth noting, as it is clean and polished, allowing each element to shine through.

The combination of the catchy melody, Rex Orange County’s vocals, and the polished production makes ‘Best Friend’ a highly enjoyable and memorable track that is sure to get stuck in your head.

The Universal Theme of Unrequited Love

The universal theme of unrequited love is explored in Rex Orange County’s song ‘Best Friend.’ This heartfelt track delves into the pain and longing that arises when romantic feelings are not reciprocated.

Here are four key aspects of the song that draw the audience in and keep them captivated:

  1. Raw emotions: Rex Orange County’s lyrics convey the intense emotions experienced when love goes unrequited. Listeners can empathize with the vulnerability and heartache expressed in the song.
  2. Relatable experiences: Almost everyone has had a crush on a friend who doesn’t feel the same way. ‘Best Friend’ taps into this relatable aspect of unrequited love, making it resonate with a wide audience.
  3. Honest storytelling: The song’s honest storytelling allows listeners to connect with their own experiences of unrequited love. Rex Orange County’s sincerity and authenticity shine through, making the song all the more impactful.
  4. Musicality and production: ‘Best Friend’ combines catchy melodies with thoughtful production to create an engaging and emotionally charged listening experience. The combination of relatable lyrics and captivating music make this song a standout in addressing the universal theme of unrequited love.

Conclusion: the Enduring Appeal of the Lyrics

The enduring appeal of Rex Orange County’s ‘Best Friend’ lyrics lies in their ability to capture the universal experience of unrequited love and resonate with listeners on a deeply emotional level.

The song’s lyrics express the pain and longing that comes with desiring a romantic relationship with someone who sees you only as a friend. This theme is relatable to many individuals who have found themselves in similar situations, making the song’s lyrics deeply meaningful and impactful.

Moreover, Rex Orange County’s vulnerability and sincerity in his delivery further enhance the appeal of the lyrics, allowing listeners to connect with their own personal experiences of unrequited love.


In conclusion, the lyrics of ‘Best Friend’ by Rex Orange County offer a poignant exploration of unrequited love and the complexities of romantic longing.

Through its relatable themes and infectious melody, the song has resonated with listeners, particularly among Generation Z.

Rex Orange County’s straightforward approach and distinctive vocal style add to the overall appeal of the track, making it a lasting favorite among fans.

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